SF “roots” Rodetrip 2019

When we were growing up, my siblings and I frequently visited my Grandpa and, later on, both he and my Grandma in San Francisco.  Originally, I remember visiting him at his laundry on Mission St, where he lived alone for many years.  But the place we remember most, was Apt 301, 655 Pacific St. in … Continue reading

Rodetrip 2019: back in the USA

Louise and I drove back across the border where we met George D’Amour and Rick Shorten, officers from my USAF days, who now live in La Conner.  What a nice detour, and even better visit!  We recalled the somewhat risky participation in the Concerned Officer Movement (they were discharged immediately after we posted a letter … Continue reading

rodetrip 2019: Oh Canada!

We arrived at our Calgary Air BnB around 1am; it wasn’t the best, but good enough.  The owner was “flipping” the house, so there were three sets of residents there, and a Christmas tree.  Calgary has grown so much since in the 1970s, with developments everywhere!!  After dimsum in Chinatown, we headed on to Banff.  Louise … Continue reading

Roadtrip 2019, pt.1

What better opportunity for taking advantage of Tesla’s “free” supercharging (until 09/29/19), than to take action on Louise’s desire to “see Banff and Lake Louise!”  We planned a two week trip, with the understanding that “I” couldn’t just go from charger to charger, but had to take detours that presented themselves along the way. So … Continue reading

2019 Ireland

Spring, 2019,  Louise and I went to Ireland (via Scotland and Northern Ireland), to be part of the wedding of Tammy, her daughter, to John, a really great beau.  They did so much planning for their wedding, including asking me to be the officiant!  Their friends and family met at the pub to celebrate everyone’s … Continue reading

The Big Apple 2019

Lisa and I were ready to visit NYC again.  She was determined to spend time in Flushing, and I wanted to check out the future Amazon site in Queens, so we split the difference.  Of course it was cold, but in Queens had a great hotel, we found some good restaurants- pasta, pizza, seafood, and … Continue reading

2019 re-boot

It’s been awhile since we added to the Rodetrip!  Maybe I’ll get to filling in for the year, but 2018 ended with our second “annual” trip to SF to see Cirque du Soleil. 2019 has started with three great rodetrips. In January, Lisa and I went on our first trip to New York City, since … Continue reading

The Littlest Travel Buddy

The Littlest Travel Buddy

Well, now that spring 2017 has come, Louise and I decided that it was time to change the front yard.  Caroline and I loved the grass and the agapanthus, but the drought and the deer meant that both were always problematic, but changing the front was not our highest priority. I called Juan, he plowed the front … Continue reading

Traveling through time

Traveling through time

It’s getting harder to remember much about my earlier days.  But this week, I took a rodetrip to visit my playmate on 68th Avenue, Butch Monk.  We grew up together on opposite ends of 68th Ave.  Together with Tom Goetz, Tom Gallagher, and a few other guys, we played baseball on the street, cowboys and … Continue reading

Coffee Time

Coffee Time

I am not sure when I had my first cup of coffee, maybe in high school, at my mom’s diner, where it was just 10 cents a cup; I think it was Folger’s .  It was much like the coffee I had at the monthly Grange breakfast when I took Lisa to HSU! I remember … Continue reading